Safty Policy

Your bright future is the result of making the right decision at the right times.


With these criteria come certain guiding principles:

Cube Emirates Builders & Designers is committed to performing work in the safest manner possible, consistent with good construction practices. Because of this our safest record is consistently better that the industry average. Our extensive safest program factor in almost every faces of our valuable assets. Safety is a determining factor in almost every facet of our work.
A healthy environment both at work place and residences plays a crucial role in increasing the productivity of any individuals. Keeping this mid, we put a lot of emphasis on the safety.



a) Keeping the site neat and tidy both on daily and regular basis.

b) Setting up of safety organization.

c) Investigate each accident in the detail and recommend preventive to the concerned project manager.

d) Remove hazards from time to time Make use of necessary protective equipment and follow safe work practices.


All open sides of building from which a worker might fall and openings in to which a worker might fall are adequately covered or barricaded.

• Where barricades could not be installed, safety nets are installed close to the level at which there is danger to fall.