Our QMS shall consist of
  • Detailing the methodology for various quality activities and provision of resources.
  • Implementation of the documented procedures.
  • Periodic audits for our QMS.


  • Planning and monitoring.
  • Drawing control.
  • Document control and maintenance of quality records.
  • Incoming material receipt, inspection and testing.
  • Material receipt, acceptance and storage.
  • Calibration of measuring and test equipments.
  • Purchase of quality affecting materials.
  • Selection and evaluation of sub contractors.
  • Process control for various activities.
  • Maintenance of plant and machinery.
  • Safety and house keeping.
  • Corrective and prevention action.
  • Final check and handover.
  • Procedure for maintenance etc.


Inspections shall be carried out by all supervisory personnel for all quality affecting activities.

  • There shall be random checks on daily basis by the QCE.
  • Finally there shall be final check on a weekly basis.
  • Records of inspections shall be maintained through the check lists.


  • We have an established system of collecting customer feed back on a regular basis. In addition we take appropriate action on all written and verbal complaints from the clients.
  • • The customer complaints and action will be reviewed on weekly basis.